Apologies for the lack of posts. I was away for nearly two weeks on Christmas holiday back to my hometown of Los Angeles and have been sick with a bad cold ever since returning. I promise a real post in the coming days but for now, enjoy some foodie pics from my LA trip!

z salmon  z sushi

*Sushi at Z’s: Straight from the airport to my sister’s for a shower and then right on to Z’s Sushi, my family’s favorite sushi spot in LA. Best salmon sushi I’ve ever had (the secret is the little slice of clear seaweed that tops each piece of salmon).

a rav final a ravi 3

*Dinner at my sister’s: My dad and sister worked together to make these delicious oxtail ravioli, which was served in a very simple sauce and topped with good parmesan. NOM!


*Christmas Eve at my folks’ place: When we were younger my parents asked my sister and me what we’d like for a traditional Christmas Eve dinner. For some unknown reason, we replied “Steak and lobster!” I’m guessing we probably just saw a television ad for a lobster restaurant because we were quite young (and we didn’t grow up posh so it wasn’t our nature to suggest such things!). In any case it has been a tradition for years and I absolutely love it. Steak, lobster, broccoli and baked potato!

lazy lazy 8

*Lazy Ox Canteen: I’ve been a fan of Chef Josef Centeno for a few years now and there was no way I could skip a visit to his year-old restaurant in downtown LA on this trip! His polenta tacos with Mexican slaw was to die for, as was his lamb neck hash with egg and roasted winter squash with ham hock. Everything this guy makes is simply irresistible!


*Brunch at BLD: Oh how I miss the brunch scene in LA! It was a weekend ritual for my sister, her hubs and me to go out for a long and lazy Sunday brunch, and in LA there are a million choices. From eggs benedict and tofu scrambles to French toast and silver-dollar pancakes, LA restaurants offer up a variety of breakfast/lunch dishes to satisfy any taste. I love BLD as they have a great mix of vegan, vegetarian and meat-loving fare. I opted for the huevos rancheros, made with three different types of beans and topped with a lovely poached egg, salsa and sliced avocado. Served with a French press of rich coffee, there’s nothing better!

m salmon m rabbit

m pie DSC_0510

*Christmas Day at my folks’ house: Christmas Day is a relaxed affair when my parents invite over family friends for an afternoon feast. Using the leftover lobster from Christmas Eve, my father makes his famous lobster bisque, which is part of a buffet that also includes roasted pork sandwiches, a rabbit terrine (made by my sis), salmon gravlox, homemade apple pie and cheesecake and lots of bubbly and wine.

More Ireland stories coming your way and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!