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When I was a kid, I loved to fish. For a short time we lived in rural Arkansas and like most kids in the area we’d go fishing in the lake or in the creek (or “crick” if you’re saying it like a true Arkansan). At first my dad got my sister and me plain bamboo poles with a string and a hook tied to the end, but eventually we graduated onto real fishing poles complete with a reel (for real!).

He taught us how to scale and even gut the fish we caught, and sometimes we’d wrap them in foil with some lemon slices and a squeeze of mayonnaise (weird I know, but so good) and throw them over a campfire to cook. Other times we’d cook them up at home on the stovetop – but either way, the fact that we’d caught it ourselves made the fish that much more delicious.

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Cormac Fish Smile Fish

So it was wonderful to go fishing a couple of weeks ago in West Cork, part of our weekend away at Inchydoney Lodge & Spa. The hotel offers short trips out to sea with local fisherman, complete with poles, reels, bait and anything else you’ll need. Mountaineering Man and I, along with a handful of other food bloggers, embarked on a two-hour tour of the local seas and had the time of our lives. Within seconds of putting his line in the water, MM had four fish on his hooks!

Cooked Fish

The pollack, coley and mackerel sure were biting that day, and I handily caught six within an hour. Our boat, with 7 fishermen and fisherwomen on board, scored a total of 22 fish – plenty for a fine feast of a lunch!Fish plate

The hotel cooks took our booty and turned it into an incredible lunch spread, which included housemade breads, salads and of course the beautiful fish. The chef just kept it simple, dressing the fish with a bit of citrus and ginger – it was light and lovely. The incredible ocean view from our dining room didn’t hurt either; to be eating fish we caught in front of the sea from where it came… it just doesn’t get any better. 

Thanks again to Inchydoney Lodge & Spa for a truly wonderful complimentary weekend and the chance to relive a wonderful childhood memory. We will be back!